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SEN - Soester Developing Net 
is an institution that has three activities:

  • to counsel unemployed people to get back in employer and work and search jobs for them,
  • to qualify people (young and old) in various directions (building-trade, with stone, wood, metal, electric, catering trade, gardening, service and selling),
  • to give people work in our own business and shops (second-hand, bicycle, private services).

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SEN e.V.
Soester EntwicklungsNetz
Doyenweg 23
D-59494 Soest

Tel.: 02921 / 66392-10
Fax: 02921 / 66392-90



SEN e.V. Soester Entwicklungsnetz Doyenweg 23 59494 Soest Tel.: 02921 / 6639210 Fax: 02921 / 6639290 e-Mail: info@sen-ev.de